Airline Towels 10 gram Cotton Single Use Airline Towels (448pcs)

10 gram Cotton Single Use Airline Towels (448pcs)

10 gram Cotton Single Use Airline Towels (448pcs)
Cotton Airline Towels 16 to a Tray
Item CSU-A14
Weight 10.00 kg
$ 175.00
Retail Price: $ 200.00, Save $ 25.00
Save 12%
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5+ Items $ 170.00


Our Premium Cotton Airline Towels.

  • 14 towels to a Tray
  • 32 trays to a carton
  • 10 gram Towels
  • 230mm x 230mm (9" x 9")
  • Just add Water (Hot or Cold)
  • Single Use
  • Fully Overlocked
  • Biodegradable
  • Pre-scented with Lemon Fragrance
  • 2 Serving Tongs included
  • Perfect for Airlines, Bars, Restaurants, Function Centres and much more
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