Is it expensive to offer Hot Towels to my customers?

No. The cost is quiet reasonable. Most Customers find that by implementing a luxury service like Hot and Cold Towels they are able to see in an increase in customer return and revenue.

I am not a Restaurant or a Beauty Salon. Do I need Hot Towels?

If you are looking to separate yourself from your Competition or you are just looking for a way to impress your customers. Everyone likes a Hot or Cold Towel  

What is the minimum Order for my own Branding on the packaging?

The minimum order is 50,000 units

Are your Towels 100% Cotton?

Yes are towels are 100% cotton except for our Washi Towels

Will the Towels dry out?

Our Towels are packaged in a way to eliminate drying out. We recommend to store them in a cool, dry place where possible.

How long does it take to warm up the towels?

From 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many towels are in the warmer.

Do the Warmers require any maintenance?

They are maintenance Free. There is a on/off switch and a drip tray to empty once a week

Should I wash the towels after using them?

Our towels are all single use and disposable. Many of our clients wash the towels and use them as cleaning cloths etc, 

Isn't it more economical to launder towels than throw them away?

With the high cost of labour and transport in Australia, it works out very economical, and more hygienic to use our towels once, and dispose of them

Are your fragrances really Essential oils?

Our prescented towels, are scented with Essential oils. Essential oils have more uses than just for fragrance.