Fresh Towels Australia are a leading supplier of luxury hot and cold cotton towels throughout Australia. We have the privilege of having our products featured in many great businesses and here is what a few of them have said about us:

Urban Property Agents

Urban Property Agents - Ranita Patel

We are always looking at new and innovative ways to impress our clients and have found that introducing a product such as hot and cold towels during a tenancy sign up, client meeting or at our open homes has been a great success! Our clients always comment on how different we are and the level of thought we have put into their feel good experience! The quality, packaging and luxurious feel of the towels has definitely matched our brand and clients are walking away feeling good about us and our brand Urban Property Agents


Smoke Alarm Testing Services

Smoke Alarm Testing Services - Jeremy Batten

We have worked closely with the team at Fresh Towels to help develop a new and innovative product for our industry. We specialise in testing and maintaining smoke alarms and are a market leader in our industry. We are always looking at ways to stay ahead of the competition and provide a better product and service. We have now developed a solution to be able to clean smoke alarms with an anti-static wipe whilst also protect against insects. It has been a long process in developing Smoke Alarm Wipes but we have now implemented the product into our business with great success and couldn't be happier.