Hot Towels Bars Australia

Hot Towels Bars Australia

The best Bars and hotels in the world know how important it is to make their customers feel special. Our Range of Cotton Towels can be found in many bars and are being served Hot or Cold depending on the weather.

You take a seat at the bar and you are greeted with a Hot or Cold Cotton Towel, before you even order. This makes a fantastic impression on the customer, and sets your bar apart from the competition.

You can change the fragrance of the towels, to suit your clientele, the season, or your personal preference with our Aroma chips

Our Range of towels are premoistened and ready to use. Simply put them in your warmer or fridge and serve when ready.

The convenience and hygeine of our Single use Cotton towels is what has made them so popular with our Bar clients.


Our Single use 10 gram Cotton Towels15 gram Cotton Towels & 35 gram Cotton Towels and Warmers are available for immediate delivery.