Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

Hot Towels Beauty Salons Australia

Beauty Salons and Days Spas are all about Luxury and Pampering your Clients. The clients love to receive a Hot or Cold Towe and the impression it makes on them is unforgettable.

Many Beauty Salons launder their own towels and it can be both expensive and time consuming, to be soaking, washing, rolling , moistening, adding fragrances etc to towels so that they are hot and fresh for the customer.

Our Range of towels are premoistened and ready to use. Simply put them in your warmer or fridge and serve when ready.

The convenience and hygiene of our Single use Cotton towels is what has made them so popular with our Beauty Salon and Day Spa clients

Beauty Salons

Our Single use 10 gram Cotton Towels, 15 gram Cotton Towels & 35 gram Cotton Towels and Warmers are available for immediate delivery.