Hot Towels Restaurants Australia

Hot Towels Restaurants Australia

We all know that First Impressions count! Adding Hot and Cold Towels to your guest offering makes a Great First Impression.

Clients that have used our Hot towels have reported an increase in Drink sales by handing out a hot towel to their customers as they seat them and asking for a drink order while people are freshening up.

Our Single use cotton towels are Easy, Refreshing and Hygienic

Our Range of towels are premoistened and ready to use. Simply put them in your warmer or fridge and serve when ready.

The convenience and hygiene of our Single use Cotton towels is what has made them a popular choice with Restaurants.


Our Single use 10 gram Cotton Towels, 15 gram Cotton Towels & 35 gram Cotton Towels and Warmers are available for immediate delivery.